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5 Common Household Products that are Dangerous to Curious Toddlers

  1. Liquid Nicotine


    ​Even a very small amount of the liquid nicotine used to refill e-cigarettes can kill a child. Liquid nicotine is sold in many different flavors, many of which are appealing to young children. Keep these products out of a child's reach.

  2. Medicine


    ​Keep all medications out of the reach of children. Be especially careful when visiting friends or relatives. Too often a child will find medicines in someone's purse or luggage or left within reach.

  3. Button Batteries


    ​Small, shiny and attractive to kids. Button batteries are found in most homes in remotes, key fobs, and some toys. But they can cause serious damage and even death if swallowed. Check battery compartments often and tape them shut if they seem loose. Store extra batteries out of children's reach.

  4. Household Cleaning Products


    ​Many cleaning and laundry products are poisonous. Single-use laundry packets in particular are very concentrated and toxic. Even a small amount of detergent can cause serious injury and death. Keep these products in their original containers and store them out of children's reach.

  5. Mounted TVs and Other Furniture


    ​We can't always stop toddlers from climbing, but we can stabilize the things they climb on. Make sure all TVs are firmly mounted and dressers, bookcases, and other furniture are secured to avoid tip-overs.

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