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Si un niño quiere abandonar la actividad deportiva

According to the American Psychological Association, two in five youngsters drop out of a sports program. The reasons voiced most often include:

  • conflicts with the coach
  • lack of enjoyment
  • loss of interest in the sport
  • insufficient playing time
  • would rather play another sport
  • too much else to do
  • an overly competitive atmosphere
  • too much stress and pressure
  • not performing up to the standards they’ve set for themselves

It is a child’s right to share in the decision to end involvement in a sport. If your child comes to you with a desire to quit an athletic program, gather as many facts as you can. Listen to and discuss her reasons. If there is a way to rectify the situation, perhaps by speaking to the coach, offer to do so. However, while we don’t want to see children fall into a pattern of avoiding difficult situations, sometimes dropping out is the most reasonable course of action.

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Adapted from Caring for Your Teenager (Copyright © 2003 American Academy of Pediatrics)
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