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July 2013 • #55
A Note from the Medical Editor

Eating healthy over the summer is often challenging for many children (and parents). Family trips, camp, picnics, and regular ice cream stops on hot nights often give way to a more lax eating schedule and menu. 

In this newsletter, we share some great tips on how parents can keep kids eating on track during these carefree summer activities. Wherever you go this summer, it is important to reinforce healthy eating behaviors, encourage kids to be active, and take time out to have fun as a family.

~Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP
Medical Editor,

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Making Healthy Food Choices
It can be tough to choose healthy options at ball games, BBQs, and fairs. While the occasional treat is ok, balance and moderation are key. Check out this list of sample food choices.  Go >
Water & Juice
During the hot months, your child may need some extra fluids to stay hydrated. Here are some tips for incorporating water into his diet. Check with your pediatrician about how much is safe.  Go >
Recipe: Kiwisicles
Kids love eating food off a stick, and these fruit “-sicles” couldn’t be simpler or more coolingly beautiful! Your next crowd of playmates will be sure to enjoy them on hot summer days!  Go >
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Featured Tip
Children who  help make their own lunches are more likely to eat them. Try having your kids use cookie cutters to cut sandwiches into fun, interesting shapes.
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