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July 2012 • #35
A Note from the Medical Editor

Along with the warm weather come bugs – lots and lots of bugs. I like to call them a side-effect of summer. For most children, the biting and stinging insects of summer are just minor annoyances. However, they can represent a serious problem for some with serious allergies.

So what can you do to prevent your kids from getting bit or stung? What is the best way to treat a bite or sting? You’re about to find out. Here are some ways to keep insects from ruining your outdoor fun.

~Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP
Medical Editor,

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Featured Tip

For your own lawn and garden, use nonchemical pest control methods whenever possible. If you keep bottles of pesticides in your home or garage, make sure they’re out of the reach of children to avoid any accidental poisoning.

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Ask the Pediatrician

There are so many insect repellents out there. What kind is best for my children?

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