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Focus on Young Athletes
January 2017 | Issue No. 138
Just as it is unrealistic to expect all children the same age to get the same grade on a test, it is unrealistic to expect children the same age to have the same physical development, motor skills, and physical capacity. Some children have a slow growth spurt, while others grow so fast they need a speeding ticket!
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Ask the Pediatrician:
By: Kristie E. N. Clarke, MD, MSCR, FAAP
How Healthy is Your Community? 
Every parent should know if their child resides, learns, and PLAYS in a safe environment. Knowing your child's "world" is up-to-date on vaccines is an important data point, and knowing where your community stands just got a little easier! 
The  new AAP interactive infographic is a great, high-level view into knowing how your state fairs with status on vaccines and protections from outbreaks like measles, whooping cough, and the flu.
The Picky Eater Project
117martial_arts_report_HC.jpgKarate, taekwondo, judo and other martial arts can boost fitness, motor skills and emotional development, but they also come with injury risks. The new AAP clinical report outlines the risks among various forms of martial arts and suggests families choose non-contact forms.
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