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Focus on Back to School
August 2017 | Issue No. 152
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Are you sending your kids off to bed early enough?
Here are some very reasonable guidelines, organized by age, to help you determine whether your kids are getting the sleep they need to grow, learn, and play.
PS - Remember that you are a role model; set a good example. Staying up all night with your teen to edit his or her paper or pulling an all-nighter for work yourself isn't really sending the right message.
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Ask the Pediatrician:
By: Heidi Román, MD, FAAP
817_Healthytalking_to_children_racial_bias.jpgTalking about race is not racist. It's OK—and important—especially given the tragic and racially-charged current events. From a young age, children may have questions about racial differences and parents must be prepared to answer them. But, it's important to keep your child's developmental readiness in mind.
Get tips here for talking about racial differences and racism with your children, as well as strategies to help your children deal with racial bias.
The Picky Eater Project - Book
Approximately 20% of children in the U.S. speak a language other than English at home, with Spanish as the most common non-English language. Here are 7 myths you may have heard--and the record set straight.  
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