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Focus on Parental Mental Health
September 2019 | Issue No. 189
Feeling Overwhelmed with Parenting Demands?
Feeling Overwhelmed with Parenting Demands? 
Are you stressed by the demands of raising children---helping with homework, handling the logistics of after-school activities, sports, doctor's appointments, birthday parties? 
If you'd like to take a step back---if you are feeling maxed out---but don't know what to do, we want to help! Here are some strategies to help you build resilience. (And no, they don't involve spending lots of money). These opportunities focus on what you can do right now at home. Right now, in your neighborhood. Give yourself permission to reduce your stress and be happy---in whatever ways work best for you.
PS - What do you do to relieve parenting stress? Please share on our Facebook post.  
Stress, Smoking & New Parenthood
Many women who were able to quit or cut down on their smoking during pregnancy, gradually return to smoking or e-cigarette usage after a baby is born. This may be related to some of the stress that can come with new parenthood and falling back into old patterns of behavior. Be prepared for these challenges and have a plan to remain smoke and e-cigarette free!  
  • No kind of e-cigarette is safe to use while pregnant or while breastfeeding. Stop vaping now! E-cigarettes are NOT a safe way to quit smoking during pregnancy either. New FAQ here.
You are doing the very best thing for yourself by quitting. Hang in there. I promise it gets better. - Smokefree Mama
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