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Focus on School Readiness
August 2019 | Issue No. 188
Ready for School?
The idea that some children are "ready for school" by 4 or 5, while others are not, is controversial.
In this article, the AAP explains school enrollment laws and what “school readiness” means.
  • If your child is starting kindergarten or 1st grade, get important development milestones to help the school year go smoothly. 
  • If your child is starting preschool or pre-K, this article will help you in the year ahead with information on screenings and readiness testing, as well as “redshirting” FAQs.
Remember, early education starts and ends at home. You are your child's greatest teacher. 
Did you know the average cost of center-based infant child care in the U.S. (adjusted for inflation) is over 27% of a millennial parent’s median income—a figure 20% higher than the federally-recommended 7%.

The cost burden is a reality, but the AAP believes you shouldn’t have to sacrifice high-qualify early child care programs for cost and convenience.

Here are good qualities to look for in a child care program, as well as tips to help you in the decision-making process.

Why Quality Matters in Early Child Care
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