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Dr. Jennifer Shu and her team of pediatricians answer your health questions.

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I’m worried my preschooler has become too iPad crazy! All she wants to do is play on that versus actual toys. What can I do? 7/18/2016
When can my child use the public restroom alone? 6/15/2016
My daughter’s birthday is a few days before the kindergarten cut-off date. Should we hold her back? 5/17/2016
My 3-year-old always walks on his tippy toes. What can I do? 5/12/2016
I think my baby has clogged tear ducts in her eyes. They keep watering. What should I do? 5/12/2016
At what age can I start washing my baby’s clothes with regular detergent? 4/27/2016
What is baby-led weaning? Is it safe? 4/19/2016
Should I sneak fruits and veggies into my preschooler’s food? 4/19/2016
My husband and I are on a gluten-free diet. We would like our baby to also eat gluten-free. Anything we should know? 4/19/2016
Should I give my baby food pouches? 4/19/2016
At what age is it safe to use Q-tips to clean a child’s ears? How often should I use them? 3/28/2016
My child frequently gets carsick and vomits. Is there a treatment for carsickness? 2/24/2016
My preschooler refuses to drink milk. We have tried flavored milk, putting it in cereal, even buying new sippy cups. Nothing is working. What should we do? 2/24/2016
How much fluoride toothpaste should I use for my baby? 2/9/2016
How can I get my 2-year-old to stay in her bed? 1/13/2016

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