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AAP Friends of Children Fund: Making a Difference

The American Academy of Pediatric (AAP) Friends of Children Fund provides resources and initiatives that have a true impact on the health and well being of children.

Aid to Haiti

This year immediately following the earthquake in Haiti, the AAP sent resources from the Friends of Children Fund to purchase a truckload of medical supplies for St. Damien Children's Hospital, Haiti's only free pediatric hospital. The AAP has also helped obtain tents for homeless pediatric residents and members of the Haitian Pediatric Society. In addition, funding will be used to purchase more medical supplies, plus food, transportation, and stipends for the residents, so that they can continue caring for children and their families.

Support in Chile

AAP also is working with the Chilean Pediatric Society and the ministry of health in Chile to determine the needs of children and pediatricians in Chile following that country's earthquake and tsunami. So far, donated funds have purchased milk, diapers, baby clothes, and medicines for Chilean children.

Other Projects

Support from the Friends of Children Fund has also funded projects in the United States. Through Healthy People 2010 Grants, AAP is reducing child injury and death due to fires and car accidents.

The Arkansas AAP Chapter used Friends of Children Fund donations to collaborate with the local fire department to install 100 smoke detectors in homes and place standard fire preventions kits on all neighborhood fire trucks, held a safety fair highlighting fire prevention, developed "files for life" magnets to post family member's medical information, and attached more visible address numbers to 75 homes.

The Maryland AAP Chapter used Friends of Children Fund donations to develop the "We are Responsible - Parent Teen Driving Agreement" program. The Chapter created a DVD on the dangers of distracted driving, speeding, and not wearing seat belts. A Parent Teen Driving Agreement that both parents and students agree to sign and follow was also developed. Presentation copies of the DVD and sample agreements were offered at Pediatric Grand Rounds at hospitals across the state.

Just a few more examples of how the AAP and our nation's pediatricians are working to improve the lives of children everywhere.

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