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Early E-Cigarette Use Increases Likelihood of Future Marijuana Use

While previous research has examined the link between e-cigarette use and future marijuana use, authors of a new study in the April 2018 issue of Pediatrics, "Electronic Cigarettes and Future Marijuana Use: A Longitudinal Study" looked at the link between the two according to age group.

Youth undergo multiple stages of development, so researchers aimed to find out if the role of e-cigarette use in an individual's drug use patterns may differ by age. Researchers divided youths into two age groups: 12 to 14 years and 15 to 17 years. They looked at their baseline e-cigarette use and followed up one year later to assess marijuana use. They found that the younger a youth begins e-cigarette use, the more likely they are to initiate future marijuana use.

​The researchers state that the results show the importance of having health providers and educators to talk with youth about the risks of e-cigarette use, including the propensity to progress to marijuana use after e-cigarette use. They also assert that policies to prevent youth use of e-cigarettes and reduce youth access to e-cigarettes may have the added benefit of reducing the likelihood of future marijuana use.

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4/23/2018 12:00 AM
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