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Choosing Healthy Snacks


Snacks: The Well-Stocked Kitchen

 Low-fat yogurt

Fresh fruit

High-fiber, unsweetned cereals


Low-fat microwave popcorn

Reduced-fat cheese

Peanut butter


Low-fat lunch meats, cold cuts



Bean dip, chickpea spread (hummus), eggplant dip

Low-fat granola bars

 Low-fat pudding

1%-fat or skim milk

Low-fat cottage cheese

Dried fruit

Rice cakes

Whole-grain crackers

Whole wheat bread

Pita bread

Reduced-fat mayonnaise or fat-free dressings

Baked snack chips

Microwaveable, low-fat entrees (eg, enchiladas, burritos, pasta with chunky tomato and vegetable sauce)


Prepackaged, precut vegetables with low-fat dips


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